Time Zone

The modern conception of time is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity: that time runs differently depending on relative motion. According to the Big Bang theory, time itself began around 13.8 billion years ago.

There are many units of time, such as ‘century’, ‘year’, ‘second’. There are even terms for time that is less than one second; a ‘centisecond’ is one hundredth of one second; a ‘femtosecond’ one quadrillionth; and a ‘yoctosecond’, also known as ‘Planck time’, is presumed to be the shortest theoretically measureable time interval.

In this zone, we have a scientist who plays with quantum liquids of light to make the internet go faster and another who helps sports people see faster and more accurately so they have more time to make better decisions. You’ll also meet a scientist working with electronics and satellites that fly 20,000 km above our heads, and another searching for the hidden black holes at the centres of galaxies.

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